Zeek Rewards Going, Going, Gone

Zeek Rewards Going, Going, Gone

Zeek Rewards the penny auction compsny offering unrealistic returns has closed it’s office. The SEC is investigating Zeek Rewards.

Over the past 12 months I have been approached dozens of times about Zeek Rewards. With promises of instant riches, this business opportunity attracted a lot of people who wanted to make money fast with no work.

Zeek Rewards smelt like a scam and the SEC investigation may well prove that. Even though we read and see scams all over the internet and our television screens, people want something for nothing.

Greed is a major driver. Just ask Bernie Maddoff about his ponzie scheme.

So with another mlm company in tatters, the network marketing industry needs to again sell it’s image to the general public who have long been skeptical.

Are there any winners and losers in this Zeek Rewards mess?

Watch the video to discover……..

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